Gabe Weyman Consulting

Scientific consultancy

Gabe Weyman CV

  • 1986-89   BSc Biology; honours project on vision in jumping spiders.
  • 1990   Research contract. Biocontrol of mushroom phorids and sciarids using insect parasitic nematodes.
  • 1991-4   PhD in ballooning spider agro-ecology.  Lab and field work (any time of day or night, any season, any weather).
  • 1994-5   PSD (CRD), UK pesticide regulatory agency. Database Section. 
  • 1995-9   Covance Laboratories. Set up and ran the terrestrial ecotoxicology GLP testing facility. Testing non-target arthropods, bees, non-target plants, earthworms, collembola.
  • 1999   Merrist Wood College. Teaching on the animal care course, including setting up a small exotic insectary as a teaching facility.
  • 2000-2008   Syngenta. Ecotoxicology risk assessment in all areas, studies as study director and monitor (particularly soil organisms, non-target arthropods, non-target plants). Some environmental fate. Team leading.
  • 2008-2018   Adama (formerly Makhteshim Agan). Ecotoxicology risk assessment and study monitoring in all areas. Strategy, advice and policy-setting. Work planning and team leading.
  • Sep 2018-   Gabe Weyman Consulting Ltd.